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Things to Consider When Choosing your Intimate Wedding Venue

Although perfect for some, the traditional ‘big white wedding’ isn’t for everyone, and today, there are so many other options available when it comes to having a more low-key wedding. From romantic elopements to close-knit ceremonies, the beauty of intimate weddings is that there’s no pressure to do it a certain way, often making for an even more memorable experience. However, as with any wedding, there’s still lots to consider, especially when choosing your intimate wedding venue, so what should you think about?

Wedding Considerations

Your Vision for Your Day

Most couples will have a vision in their minds of how they’d like their special day to be and may have done for several years! As such, we’d recommend starting here when it comes to choosing your intimate wedding venue. Are you picturing a peaceful ceremony in a quaint and cosy setting? Or perhaps having your loved ones witness your marriage against a grand and stunning backdrop is more what you had in mind? Either way, it’s important to think about all of the elements of your wedding both big and small before deciding on a venue.

Intimate Weddings


If you’re opting for an intimate wedding, our guess is that you’d like the location for your nuptials to be somewhere you wouldn’t necessarily come across in your everyday life? Here at Tree Top Escape, we love that we’re hidden away in the heart of the Devon countryside and for our soon-to-be newlyweds, being surrounded by such an unspoilt landscape full of beauty and wonder is what makes weddings here so special.

Room for Guests

While some couples only want witnesses by their side when tying the knot to make this unforgettable life event even more poignant, others see family, friends, loved ones, or even their four legged friends as an integral part of their big day. If you’d like guests at your wedding, it’s good to explore the capacity of an intimate wedding venue early on to ensure your expectations can be catered for. While many of our couples choose to have a smaller number, we can welcome up to 14 guests at Tree Top Escape, so there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to the guestlist!

Intimate Wedding Ideas

Photography Backdrops

Whether you have guests joining you to celebrate your big day or not, the photographs taken at your wedding will be something your treasure for many years to come. Having a breathtaking backdrop like that surrounding Tree Top Escape will make these cherished images even more special, adding another layer of exquisiteness to what is sure to be a gorgeous event. Whether it’s down by the glistening water of our lake, among the wildflowers of our meadows, or through the swaying trees in our nearby woodland, we can offer plenty of choices when it comes to beautiful backdrops for your photos!


Having the flexibility to do what you’d like to make your wedding personal to you is incredibly important, perhaps even more so for intimate weddings. From the moment you book with us, our amazing Tree Top Team will be on hand to help you do your wedding your way and assist with any arrangements that need to be made to add those personal touches to your nuptials. Additionally, you’ll also have exclusive access to our extensive list of recommended suppliers, so whatever you need, be it flawless makeup, incredible flowers, or top-notch catering, we can advise expert suppliers to make it happen!

Planning your Intimate Wedding


While the big day itself is sure to be memorable, the build-up to weddings can often be stressful, especially if that’s lots to arrange and you’re doing it alone. For us, part of the Tree Top Experience is having support right from the very start of your journey with us through to the moment you leave as we want to ensure your intimate wedding is as stress-free as possible so that you and your partner can enjoy it even more. Nicola, Sam, and Justine are our wonderful wedding coordinators and will do everything they can to make sure your day is just perfect to put an even bigger smile on your faces!

Smile it's your wedding

If you’re considering choosing Tree Top Escape as your intimate wedding venue, we’d love to chat with you more about your special day, so please do get in touch. Alternatively, if you’ve decided to book with us already, why not give us a call on 01769 629069 or email today?
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