Intimate Family Weddings

Intimate Family Weddings

Watching children enjoy the magic of weddings is one of the real joys we get to witness here at Tree Top Escape. While the celebrations are always exciting, it’s often handy to have some activities lined up for your younger wedding guests to take part in so they also have a truly memorable day filled with love, laughter and fun. To give you some inspiration as to what these might be, we’ve put together a few simple activity ideas that are sure to keep the little ones smiling on your special day.

Alpaca Feeding

Alpaca Feeding

At Tree Top Escape, not only is our gorgeous intimate wedding venue bursting with character but so are our resident alpacas, May, Alberto and Carlos! (Whether it’s tiny tots or growing teens attending your wedding, children of all ages are sure to love a stroll down to the lake to feed these fluffy fellows! All three of our alpacas are very used to children and will have no problem being hand-fed, so this is great activity to keep your younger guests entertained.

Garden Games

Garden Games

Sometimes, a wedding ceremony can feel quite long to children, especially if they’re of a young age. As such, you may find that some little ones jump at the chance to head outside and let off some steam after sitting patiently during the nuptials. In our experience, garden games are a great way to keep the kids busy while they get some fresh air. Whether it’s a giant Jenga contest, a competitive game of boules or a fun-filled kick-about with a football, having a selection of outdoor games will mean there’s something for everyone to enjoy, especially if the sun is shining! We’ve even got a selection of suppliers that can deliver and set up garden games so you don’t have to worry about it.

Post-Ceremony Beach Trip

Beach Wedding Photos

While Tree Top Escape will provide the perfect rural backdrop to your big day, you may want to venture further afield and enjoy an exciting family beach trip to the stunning North Devon coast after your ceremony to make your wedding day even more memorable. Dotted along our beautiful coastline, you’ll find an array of family-friendly beaches just waiting to be explored; Saunton Sands, Instow and Croyde are just a few of our favourites and there’s plenty to do at each! Paddle with little ones in the soft lapping waves, build a family fort from sandcastles, or you could even treat yourselves to the ultimate seaside snack of fish and chips if the kids get peckish.

Children’s Treasure Hunt

Family Time

A treasure hunt is the ultimate activity that no child can resist! While images of a classic ‘Easter egg hunt’ may spring to mind, use this as inspiration but put a wedding-themed spin on yours for the little ones. For instance, you could hide a selection of prizes a such as heart-shaped sweets, floral hair accessories and tiny boxes of confetti around the venue. Then, when everything is in place, provide a selection of clues to be followed and sit back as the kids get searching!

Crafts and Colouring

Family Weddings

Your wedding day will have been so exciting for everyone involved, especially children who have been part of the celebrations. After a long day of busy events, some quiet time might be just what the little ones among your wedding party need. Crafting and colouring are both fantastic activities that allow children to be creative in a calm and focused way. As such, you could put together a table with a variety of arty items such as colouring pens and pencils, paper, pipe cleaners and sequins will offer a space for the kids to make their own creations; they can even keep whatever they’ve made as a memento to remind them of your big day.

A Nanny

Nanny Wedding Helper

Your wedding day is one of the biggest events in your lifetime; if you’re sharing it with little ones, you might want an extra helping hand to ensure they are kept entertained throughout the day and to take any stress or parental responsibilities away from you and your partner, even for just some of the time. Our recommended Nanny, Kate, knows Tree Top Escape well so you can rest assured knowing your children are in safe hands.

If you’re looking to enjoy a family wedding at Tree Top Escape, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call today on 01769 629069 or drop us an email at to discuss your ideas in detail with one of our friendly team and we promise we’ll do our very best to help you do your wedding your way.
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