Five Wedding Traditions and How to Make Them Your Own

At Tree Top Escape we encourage couples to think outside the traditional wedding square. We specialise in intimate weddings and welcome weird and wonderful ideas to make your day more personal to you. Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean you have to, choose your wedding your way.

Rock the frock

Cowboy boots, bright colours, kilts…we’ve seen it all. As long as you both feel amazing, that’s all that counts!

Rock The Frock

Seeing each other before the ceremony

Tree Top Escape is designed so that you can keep yourselves hidden away from each other before your ceremony. But if you aren’t superstitious hop in the hot tub for a pre-ceremony dip or take a walk by the lake for a ‘first look’ photo.

First Look Photo

Make your ceremony about you!

Your ceremony doesn’t need to be totally scripted, although parts of the ceremony have to be included for legal purposes there is no reason why you can't add something more personal to your ceremony. Write letters to each other to share during your ceremony, or why exchange rings when you, why not exchange love letters that you will treasure forever.

Personalize your wedding

Chose how you walk down the aisle

The Bride walking down the aisle with the Father of the Bride is a long-standing tradition. At Tree Top Escape we have many small intimate weddings sometimes with just the couple, so why not walk down the aisle together, or bring your four-legged friend to walk with you to The Nest.

Wedding Aisle

Challenge the traditional ‘Wedding Breakfast’

We all know how it usually goes at weddings, we’ve all been there…ceremony, followed by a 5 course ‘wedding breakfast’. We dare you to challenge the ordinary, have a dining experience like no other in our Grill Haus hidden away in the woods with a recommended local chef cooking in front of your eyes.

Grazing Board

If you’re looking for something a bit different to entertain guests, we recommend Cocktail Making with Frisky Pheasant. Dave will be able to whip up your favourite cocktails, why not come up with your own ‘signature’ cocktail to remember your special day by!

Weddings at Tree Top Escape give you the freedom to choose traditional and non-traditional ideas to create your perfect wedding day, your way.

There are so many possibilities, and we cannot wait to hear your ideas!
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