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Elopement Wedding
While we could happily offer you a million reasons why you should choose Tree Top Escape as the backdrop for your special day, there’s nothing quite like hearing from couples who have already said I Do to give you ideas and inspiration for your special day.

This month, we hear from Rita and Em, who celebrated their intimate elopement with us in September:

Tell us a little about you as a couple?

When we met, we instantly became great friends. The world was falling apart around us and we were both going through a really hard time, so we spent the following months telling each other everything about our lives… the way you do to your best friend (not with the person you think you will marry), leaving nothing out, sugar coating nothing… we talked for hours on end, we cried. We laughed, and we laughed until we cried… we created such a beautiful, safe space, and we used that space to heal and grow…

We knew since the very beginning that we would be a big part of each other’s lives; we just didn't know what that would look like. The process of finding out has been the most beautiful thing that has ever happened; falling in love with your best friend is truly a life-changing experience.

The best way to describe us as a couple is that we are an incredible team! We’re a beautiful blend of yin and yang; we complement each other and support each other in every possible way. We love spending time together; we find each other absolutely hilarious and constantly laugh until we cry, even though we know full well that no one else finds us funny at all :D Above all, we both understand the constant change and fluidity that human life entails, and we always give each other the space and the tools to change and grow. We are committed to loving all the different versions of each other that come from that change.

Elopement Wedding

What made you decide on an intimate wedding?

We both knew we wanted to get married with as little stress as possible and none of us wanted to wait years to plan a big wedding. We both had always thought of eloping if they ever would marry, and so an intimate wedding at the Tree Top Escape felt like a dream come true.

How did you know Tree Top Escape was your perfect venue?

We have a tradition in our relationship where we leave big, important decisions at the last minute, but the right place reveals itself to us at exactly the right moment. Treetop was one of those times. We knew immediately that this was the right place for us. The night before giving notice (and having to give the location) we found TTE’s website, and there was an available date for the week that we already had booked off for the wedding (if there isn’t a sign, not sure what is!). But it was quite late at night, and it felt unlikely that we would be able to book it before the appointment first thing in the morning… but way past office hours, we received an email from Bob saying he would be happy to talk if we were still up! We fell in love with his description of the TTE and the story behind it, and his commitment and passion were all we needed! Neither of us particularly likes the wedding industry, but this was something else, Bob was talking to us not as numbers but as people about to arrange the biggest day of their lives, and he cared about it!

Elopement Wedding

How did you find the planning process?

It felt like a whirlwind! In the six weeks between TTE to saying I do, everything came around rather fast…

Nicola was incredible and made the entire process really easy and very personal to us. She really validated, over and over again, our ideas about doing something for us and about us :)

Elopement Wedding

Tell us a little about your wedding day?

The night before the wedding, none of us slept with so much excitement! We woke up so early and watched the bats flying in the dark morning with a mug of incredible coffee (we still miss that coffee machine). And we started the day like every day, side by side in meditation.

As we really wanted to keep things simple and natural, we spent the next couple of hours helping each other with hair and make-up, singing and dancing to our favourite songs. It was such a beautiful morning, and we can’t really imagine sharing it with others.

Em was ready first and made their way to the nest where we would be having the ceremony. When they arrived, they could feel their heart beating so fast in their chest in excitement and anticipation of seeing Rita in her wedding dress for the first time. Rita walked in through the door to the sound of our song ‘heart’ by Sleeping at Last, and it felt as if all the air had rushed out of Em’s lungs. Immediately Em felt as if there was no one else in the world in that one moment upon seeing Rita walk up and stand next to them. It was a beautiful moment. We then proceeded with the ceremony. After the ceremony, we spent an hour with Rebecca, who took the most beautiful photos of us both on the grounds of TTE. She captured the pure happiness and joy that radiated from both of us. We both felt so at ease and comfortable in her presence and are so grateful to have spent that time with her. After a wonderful photoshoot, we organised an afternoon tea for the two of us for lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out and relaxing in the hot tub, letting it sink in that we were wife and wife. After an incredibly relaxing afternoon, we changed into our wedding clothes and went to the beautifully decorated nest for a romantic private dining experience. It was such an amazing experience, and we both felt so looked after and catered for.

Elopement Wedding

Who were the suppliers that helped make your day so special?

Nicola, our wedding coordinator (doubling up as a witness), was beyond amazing during the whole process. We couldn’t have been luckier.

Becca was our photographer (also doubling as Witness) and was incredible! Becca made us feel so at ease and so comfortable! Our photoshoot was more of a nice chat getting to know each other whilst walking through the estate! The photos are so natural and beautiful, and she captured our love authentically and beautifully!

Justine was our chef. We had afternoon tea and dinner with her. The food was absolutely amazing (even with the gluten-free and vegan added challenge), and Justine was so lovely! We got a chance to speak to her during dinner and really enjoyed her presence and her help in making our day special.

As mentioned before, none of this would have happened without Bob and the late-night phone call that changed everything forever… Thank you, Bob; we will forever remember you!

Did you add any personal or unique touches to your day?

Rita wanted to get married barefoot, but it was a typical rainy day in Devon. Everything was wet and muddy, and so she started to second guess this. Nicola encouraged Rita to walk barefoot if this was her wish and not to worry about muddy footprints in the nest! And so she did! During the wedding and the photoshoot, no shoes, a big smile and a lot of mud :D

Elopement Wedding

What is the most special moment of your wedding day?

Committing to spending the rest of my life growing strong and steady with my best friend.

What is one bit of advice you'd give couples planning their wedding day?

Make sure every decision you make is for the both of you as a couple. Don’t let the stress get to you and start making decisions based on what other people will prefer, it’s a celebration of your love and commitment together, and that is the most important part.

We love chatting about all things wedding, so if you are thinking of celebrating your special day with us at Tree Top Escape and want to find out more about our intimate wedding packages get in touch on weddings@treetopescape.co.uk or 01769 629069.
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