Dog Friendly Weddings

At our Dog Friendly Wedding Venue, we extend a warm invitation to your four-legged friends. For those who can't imagine their special day without their furry companions, we happily allow up to two dogs to attend. Tree Top Escape takes great care to ensure that no pup is left behind, whether they serve as a best man, bridesmaid, or flower girl. Whilst entrusting your pup with carrying the rings may be a daring feat, we have accomplished it without any issues. Our 32 acres of beautiful fields, forests, and three serene lakes provide the perfect backdrop for your pet to roam free and for capturing some memorable wedding photos. Our photographers have a soft spot for your furry friend's adorable antics, and they never fail to capture them all on film.

For those that consider their four-legged friend to be part of the family, we would be delighted to have them join you for your stay in The Tree House. And don't worry - a special doggy welcome pack is included!

Worried about your Dog on your wedding day?

Either ask a family member to look after them or book a dog sitter to look after them through out the ceremony

Intimate Weddings with your dog

Pet Friendly Wedding Venue
Dog Friendly Weddings
Doggy Weddings
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Useful to Know Doggy Guidelines

We kindly ask that all guests who wish to bring their dog(s) to Tree Top Escape notify us in advance. Dogs must be on a lead at all times when around livestock, and there are wild pheasants and deer in the vicinity that should be avoided. We can provide a dog crate for an extra fee if needed.

After returning from a walk, please clean off any mud with the outside tap and the canine towels provided. Dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms, but may lounge on the sofas provided that you cover them with the throws and keep them away from any leather or soft furnishing. There is a fee of £50 for any excessive cleaning or if dogs are found on the beds or uncovered sofa.

It is important to pick up after your dog(s) both at Tree Top Escape and in any other area you visit. There are free poo-bags available, as well as a poo bin near the recycling area that must be used regardless of the weather. We kindly ask that you also take bags with you to the beach and on walks.

Please be mindful to follow the Countryside Code and keep your dog(s) under close control, for both their safety and the comfort of others. There are lots of great dog walks on the 32 acre grounds and the surrounding lanes, but be sure to look out for any animals in our fields.

What to Pack

  • 🐾 Venue hire of ‘The Nest’ for your intimate wedding ceremony.
  • 🐾 Food for your dog.
  • 🐾 Collar and Lead for long walkies amongest the woodland and on the beaches
  • 🐾 Crate if you are planning to leave your doggy unattended.
  • 🐾 Towels to dry those muddy paws after exploring.
  • 🐾 Toys/treats to keep them occupied.
  • 🐾 Dog bed to help them settle in.

What We Provide

We know you'll want to make your doggy's holiday comfortable so here is a check-list of things to bring with you.

  • 🐾 Bedding Mat
  • 🐾 Blanket
  • 🐾 Dog Towel
  • 🐾 Ball Thrower and ball
  • 🐾 Food and Water Bowl
  • 🐾 Biodegradable Pooh Bag Roll
  • 🐾 A Welcome Dog Treat
  • 🐾 A large dog crate can be hired for a small fee
Devon Dog Vets


Just incase our local vets

Devon Doggy Day Careg

Doggy Day Care

During your stay

Devon Dog Friendly Taxi

Dog Friendly Taxi

Steve welcomes dogs

Dog Friendly Information

The Tree House accommodates two well-mannered pooches for a fee of £50 per dog, and is delighted to accommodate service dogs without charge. The accommodation offers a closed-in balcony while the humans take a dip in the hot tub and even a spot to spruce up your furry friends (don't forget to bring shampoo!).

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