Intimate Wedding FAQs.

Helpful Questions and Answers for couples thinking about an Intimate or Small Wedding at Tree Top Escape

Intimate Wedding FAQs

Q. What is an intimate wedding?
An intimate wedding is a small celebration with fewer guests than a traditional wedding. Rather than inviting everyone you know, from family and friends to distant relatives and neighbours, an intimate wedding involves carefully selecting your guest list so that only your closest friends and family join the special occasion. Typically, intimate weddings have between 10 and 30 guests.
Q. What do you mean by intimate wedding?
Intimate weddings can also be known as micro-weddings or small weddings. They are for couples who prefer a smaller celebration with only their nearest and dearest family and friends in attendance.
Q. What is classed as an intimate wedding?
An intimate wedding doesn't have a precise guest number, but generally, the fewer the guests, the more intimate the wedding is.
Q. Who is invited to an intimate wedding?
As with any wedding, the guest list for an intimate wedding is entirely your decision. It could be your close family members and a few friends, or if your friends are your family, they could top the list – the choice is yours.
Q. What is an intimate vs. traditional wedding?
With an intimate wedding, you can create the wedding day you want and spend more time together, just the two of you. In contrast, a larger, more traditional wedding involves more guests, who will require your attention throughout the day, and usually requires more planning.
Q. How do I choose an intimate wedding venue?
For an intimate wedding, consider that fewer people will attend, so you'll want a venue that doesn't feel too big. Having exclusive use of the venue will provide you with privacy for a truly intimate celebration.
Q. How many guests is a small wedding?
The answer varies depending on whom you ask, but a small wedding is generally considered to have between 20 and 60 guests. An intimate or micro wedding usually involves fewer than 20 guests.
Q.What is a micro wedding?
A micro wedding is an intimate celebration with your closest friends and family. It can incorporate all the traditions of a large wedding, but on a smaller scale.
Q. Where can I have a small wedding in the UK?
Small weddings can take place in licensed venues that cater for intimate ceremonies. Tree Top Escape specialises in small, intimate weddings with up to 14 guests or allows you to plan a romantic elopement, just the two of you.
Intimate Wedding FAQs
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